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Sep 19, 2023

Episode 437

Join us in an intimate conversation with the riveting Alyson Charles, celebrated shaman and healer, whose Ceremony Circle podcast is making waves worldwide. Ever wondered how the potent energy of animal spirits could transform your life?

Prepare to be mesmerized as we explore Alyson's Animal Power Deck, a card deck that resonates with people of all ages, and hear captivating stories about interactions with animals in the wild.

Alyson's journey is one of resilience and transformation, transitioning from a Division One college coach and personal trainer to awakening to her soul's purpose as a medicine woman.

We delve into her past, divine intervention moments, and her evolution towards realizing her visions on stage. She recounts her shamanic initiation, the embracing of her spiritual gifts, and the significance of aligning with the higher self.

Dive deep into the realm of ancestral practices and rituals, as Alyson shares her connection with the ancient Dogon tribe from West Africa. We explore the powerful practices she employs to honor her ancestors, the importance of divine cycles, and how guidance from the Spirit can lead to personal transformations. 

We’ll also discuss the challenges of divine alignment, the power of vulnerability, and trusting the Spirit's messages. 

Be sure to tune in to this enriching episode that promises to leave you inspired and uplifted.


Highlights you wouldn’t want to miss:

  • [0:10:04] Importance of Speaking Truth in Partnership
  • [0:14:06] Dove Journey and Burial Ceremony)
  • [0:21:27] Journey to Becoming a Medicine Woman
  • [0:24:31] Divine Intervention and Surrender to Spirit
  • [0:41:14] Uncovering Ancestral Rituals and Connections
  • [0:45:33] Ancestor's Birthday and Offering Discovery
  • [0:53:47] Spiritual Awakening in New York City
  • [0:59:35] Phases and Chapters of Spiritual Journey
  • [1:02:47] The Power of Divine Alignment
  • [1:13:55] Animal Power Book and Shamanic Journey

About Alyson:

Alyson Charles Storey is a revered shaman, bestselling author of the ANIMAL POWER book and deck and host of Ceremony CirclePodcast. Her power animal shamanic journey was named “a top meditation to try” by O, The Oprah Magazine and she has been called "full-fledged guide into your psyche" by Forbes. She lives in devotion to the shamanic path and being of service to all by leading global courses, events, and talks to reconnect people to their fullest Divine power.

You can find her here:


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