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Apr 25, 2022

Episode 387

Happy April 25!

You may not wanna hear this but, STOP trying to do everything and get some help. You're growing and it's time!


18. Gratitude: Give thanks for all you have

Give thanks to all that IS and all that is coming. If you’ve been complaining about lack, now is the time...

Apr 19, 2022

Episode 386

I firmly believe we can’t look at our business growth without looking at how our family is flourishing as well. Which includes our "friend families" and everyone we're closely connected to.

And if you are anyone who has a connection to kids and teens this is an extra important episode for you. We’re...

Apr 18, 2022

Episode 385

Happy April 18!

It's time to DO what you're meant to do. Quit the overthinking and doubt.


26. Approved: You are enough

If you’re seeking someone to validate your work or effort, here it is! We see you and we LOVE you! Your angels want to send you this message: YOU ARE ENOUGH....

Apr 12, 2022

Episode 384

It’s the 3rd anniversary of the Aligned and Unstoppable podcast! 🎉Get the noise blowers out, I’m so excited!!! 🎉

I want to take a step back and share some of the lessons I’ve learned from this podcast to help those of you who are starting out or have been in the podcast biz long-term.

I also...

Apr 11, 2022

Episode 383

Happy April 11!

It's a confusing week if you're not tuned in. Your angels are giving you an upgrade but you MUST rest in order to receive it. But this rest isn't for nothing, it's to get you to listen to your INTUITION and your higher self.


30. Leap of Faith: Feed your fear or...