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Feb 23, 2021

Episode 241

Listen, this phrase “I can’t afford it” is affecting what you attract into your life.

While I don’t have a magic wand to fill up your bank account, I do have actionable steps you can take to eliminate these 4 little words from your vocabulary and begin to attract more abundance instead.

This episode...

Feb 22, 2021

Episode 240

Happy last week of February!!

WOW, so many angel numbers 222! Your angels are asking you to really ground yourself and lean into more confidence. They're wanting to help you remember that calling within to help others.


12. Self-care: It’s time to take a break

You think...

Feb 16, 2021

Episode 239

Not knowing how to hire your stellar team at a price you can afford can keep you from being the CEO of your biz–and that includes if you’re a solo entrepreneur!

This is why this discussion with Theresa Loe had to happen. Theresa is a highly sought after Team Expert. Throughout her career, she discovered...

Feb 15, 2021

Episode 238

Happy February 15th!!

Ready for more of the good stuff!? This week is asking you to keep the positivity going and remind you that you're doing great!


2. Breakthrough: Keep on going!

You’re right there! Keep on going! You’re on the verge of a huge breakthrough! Embody the...

Feb 9, 2021

Episode 237

I’m actually giggling as I’m sharing this because it’s one of those subjects that is funny when you think about it, but nonetheless super important for your business.

Because if you are on the “Woo” spectrum or your business is at all “Woo”, how you hire is extremely important!

It can be the...