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Mar 21, 2023

Episode 424

Are you a coach or healer who is having trouble getting fully booked with your programs or services? If so, this it’s the perfect time to do some shadow work!

If you’re struggling with any of these:

  • Attracting enough of the right clients and charging your worth
  • Getting yourself fully booked

Mar 7, 2023

Episode 423

If you didn’t expect breathwork and cold exposure (think ice baths!) to be about female empowerment – then you haven’t met Kristin.

Kristin Weitzel is on a mission to help women optimize their health so they can go out into the world and “win their dreams”.

I heard her on a podcast and just...

Feb 21, 2023

Episode 422

If you’re an animal lover, this episode can help open that next level of intuition and meaningful connection to your pets, both in the present or if they are in spirit.

This episode is a little different than I normally do, but it’s something I feel is important. Losing our pets is a topic that...

Feb 7, 2023

Episode 421

Back by popular demand! This week many of my clients and friends have been experiencing an overwhelming energy that has been knocking them back in their business goals!

When we have energy blocks, it can feel like something is working against us and stopping us in our tracks.

I'm bringing back this...

Jan 17, 2023

Episode 420

Are you ready to take the next step forward in keeping with your highest alignment? I hope so!

Making sure your energy centers aren’t blocked is helpful when you are reaching for those business goals. It’s often the reason we have a hard time standing out, being visible to our soulmate clients, and...