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Nov 30, 2020

Episode 216

Happy November 30th!

We're rounding out the month with a little angelic lesson on ALIGNMENT. This week especially, you wanna say NO to things that don't light you up.


13. Simplify: “How can this be easy and fun?”

Ease is not a 4-letter swear word! You might be in a little...

Nov 24, 2020

Episode 215

This is a personal energy healing session with me that wasn’t recorded with the intention of sharing it. After it was recorded, it felt so significant that I got special permission to share it.

I think it will benefit many of you. Not just by listening, but also by experiencing the heart chakra clearing...

Nov 23, 2020

Episode 214

Happy Monday Lightworker!

Pump. The. Breaks. This is a major integration week and for good reason...your life and business are about to get wildly amazing!

Mantra this week: the more I rest, the more money I make!


5. Get Outside: Take a breather

Your angels are not mincing...

Nov 17, 2020

Episode 213

Today, we are going to dive deep into how to overcome the fear of selling your offers.

This episode is extra special because I have two special guests, Sara Drury and Heather Doran, who are not only my friends but also are coaches in the Align & Activate Mastermind and they've been with me since its...

Nov 16, 2020

Episode 212

Happy Monday!

This week's forecast is one part hype-woman and two parts angelic you KNOW it's awesome!


17. Celebration: Share your SPARK!

Share your SPARK! Every single little micro-win must be celebrated because it breeds more of that good stuff! When you...