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Apr 20, 2023

Episode 427

Are you wondering what the heck an “Intuition Week” is and why you would even care about this?

Or maybe you’ve been part of Intuition Week before and want to know if this is right for you again?

 Well, Intuition Week is back, baby! And I'm more excited than ever to be able to serve you in this...

Apr 18, 2023

Episode 426

This week you get a “two-fer”! Jeannie Spiro and I teamed up to bring you this dynamic conversation about selling.

I know the word “selling” can become triggering to entrepreneurs who have been struggling with this – which is why this conversation is so important that it needed two parts!

Apr 4, 2023

Episode 425

It’s my 4 year podcast anniversary! That's four years of bringing you binge-worthy content straight from my heart to your ears.

To celebrate, I brought my COO, Amanda Pickering, to share the spotlight with me and talk about the realness of running an intuition-led, spiritual business.

People often...