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Oct 27, 2020

Episode 207

It’s important to understand shadow work and specifically how it can help you connect to your power source.

One of the many ways shadows show up for spiritual entrepreneurs is when they are still hiding (fearful to tell people what they believe and do).

But hiding sucks. It takes a lot of energy to...

Oct 26, 2020

Episode 206

Hi there lightworker!

Ohhh your guides are getting cheeky this week!

If you're currently overthinking anything in your life right now, you
must listen to this week's forecast!

Basically, the spirit is giving you two choices: 1. Stay overwhelmed or 2. Get into alignment and wealth. Simple right!?


Oct 20, 2020

Episode 205

Today, I am sharing why I changed the name of my mastermind.

I recorded this episode to remind you that there is no right way to run a business and also to give you permission to trust yourself and make changes in your business.

We have been taught to believe that following other people's success formulas...

Oct 19, 2020

Episode 204

Happy Monday Lightworker!

You're not going to want to hear it but I'm going to tell you anyway...

GET OUTSIDE. Your system is requiring you to connect with nature and get messages from the plants and animals around you this week. Share how that feels on your social media channels.


Oct 13, 2020

Episode 203

If you’ve done energy clearing work, such as my Intuition Week, your body needs time to recover. When you shift energy, when you clear your energy blocks – you are ascending.

What’s happening is that after this type of ascending, or clearing, your body is trying to catch up with your energy.