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Oct 20, 2022

Episode 413

This episode is jam-packed with actionable ways to go from unbooked to fully booked! Plus, reducing self-sabotage along the way.

Some things can happen under the radar, in our unconscious, that keep you from being fully booked, that are actually self-sabotage.

I want you to take action! Figuring out where you are having some trouble and knowing how to get yourself out of that block will help you make an impact and an income.

I highly suggest you listen to this episode and apply these easy ways to grow your business – right now! You can simply pause and do it along with me.

I also share 9 POTENT questions you can ask yourself to help limit self-sabotage going forward.


Highlights you wouldn’t want to miss:

  • [1.35] You can work through your blocks to make the impact and income you are here to make.

  • [3.35] Visibility and charging your worth, energies to work through.

  • [4.28] The number one reason you’re not booked that has to do with being too available.

  • [7.44] How to know if you’re hitting your targets.

  • [10.18] Tracking… look at your numbers.

  • [17.65] Ways to add to your existing income that you may be missing out on.

  • [20.07] The deeper work will set you free.

  • [22.23] Collaborations, networking, your own PR – are you doing this???

  • [30.00] The ways you sabotage yourself. 9 POTENT questions to ask yourself.


Action Steps to Align Your Biz:

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