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Apr 13, 2021

Episode 255

Today I am peeling back the curtain on my biz and giving you an honest entrepreneurial hack that can save you so much energy.

As entrepreneurs, you can’t do everything, every day, ALL THE TIME. You will burn out. You really will.

I have something I do, that you probably haven’t ever noticed as a listener of this podcast, that saves me so much time and allows me to be able to show up creatively and feeling more fully supported.

This hack has been life-changing for so many of the entrepreneurs in my Align and Activate Mastermind and I hope it helps you too.

I’m excited for you to try this in your biz!


Highlights from the episode:

  • [0.53] Secrets revealed.
  • [2.27] How this helps your team and ability to outsource.
  • [2.97] Harnessing the creative energy!
  • [3.38] This is channeled from spirit.
  • [5.13] Becoming smarter with your time.
  • [7.07] How much is too much.


Resources to Take You Deeper:

Action Steps to Align Your Biz:

I would love for you to give yourself permission to look at the things that really light you up. The things that move the needle forward and the things that help people connect to you. See if you can do as much as possible of those things, in a short amount of time, to help yourself to keep your energy there (and to help your team!).

You can tag me @emilyaarons in your Instagram stories showing me how you implement this.


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