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Jul 18, 2023

Episode 433

Prepare to overturn conventional business wisdom as Rebecca Tracey and I invite you to rethink your overreliance on social media for lead acquisition. You're about to discover the importance of understanding your desired outcomes and taking charge of your success.

We will guide new entrepreneurs through the critical process of perfecting their messaging and share invaluable insights into building a thriving business.

We're going to shift gears, diving into social media strategy and its connection with our energy - yes, energy! We'll shed light on how to accelerate your income growth and pinpoint your niche.

We'll also explore how the energy we infuse into our messaging can be a game-changer for businesses, and share techniques to ensure our messages reach the right audience.

Strap in for a conversation on strategic collaborations. Learn how being a guest on someone else's podcast can have a far-reaching impact than creating social media content.

Finally, brace yourself as Rebecca and I unravel the importance of market research and feedback. We'll reveal strategies to make your ideas a reality, tweak your messaging, and leverage courses to gain an edge.

We'll also explore how to bring in money quickly and build a successful business - even without social media's assistance. So if you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business veteran, we guarantee you'll find nuggets of wisdom to take your business to the next level. Ready to join us on this journey?


Highlights you wouldn’t want to miss:

  • [0:00:03] Building a Strong Foundation

  • [0:13:11] Improving Social Media Strategy and Energy

  • [0:17:08] Social Media Marketing Strategies and Collaboration

  • [0:25:41] Market Research and Feedback Importance

  • [0:34:34] Feedback, Confidence, and Business Navigation

  • [0:41:45] Building a Successful Coaching Business

About Rebecca:

Rebecca Tracey is the founder of The Uncaged Life where she works with coaches and online business owners to get clear on their brand message, create packages that sell, and help them get clients. Rebecca runs a highly engaged online Facebook group of over 15,000 entrepreneurs. She started her business while living in a Chevy ’81 campervan (and now owns a sweet upgraded van) and lives in her dream town of Squamish BC surrounded by mountains, where she is truly living her Uncaged life.

You can find her here:


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