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Jun 6, 2023

Episode 430

Ready to break up with being broke and unlock your potential to build a successful energy-based business? I've brought together an incredible group of students from my Integrated Energy Alignment Training to share their journeys, discuss the power of inner energy work, and reveal how they've blended IEA with other modalities to create thriving practices.

In this conversation, we dive into the challenges and strategies of practicing and marketing energy work, as well as the crucial role of personal branding in building a successful practice.

My guests, all IEA students and graduates, open up about their experiences with the IEA Training, how it helped them trust their intuition, and provided them the skills to establish their online businesses and communicate the energy work effectively with clients.

Finally, we explore the benefits of IEA coaching training and the power of setting a new standard for growing a sustainable and profitable healing or coaching business.

Learn about the structure and backend of the program, and how it can help coaches craft their own programs and support clients on their transformative journeys. Don't miss this inspiring episode, and be sure to learn more about our upcoming retreat and the value it brings to the program!


Highlights you wouldn’t want to miss:

  • [0:00:02] Breaking Up With Being Broke
  • [0:19:36] Practicing and Marketing Energy Work
  • [0:29:31] Pricing and Energy Shifts
  • [0:33:07] IEA Business Training and Community Support
  • [0:44:21] Coach Training vs. Practitioner Training
  • [0:47:52] Investing in IEA for Personal Growth
  • [0:52:42] New Training and Workshop Announcement

About the guest today:

Ready to RISE UP and align with your highest potential? Learn life-changing techniques to realign your energy and transform your life from my guests today, the IEA Students!

You can find them here:

~ Allison Dellatore

Allison Dellatore is an Intuitive Coach, Animal Communicator, Advanced Akashic Record Practitioner, Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner & Channel. She loves connecting people into their Soul, so that they can have a deeper understanding of what makes them tick & who they really are, before society told them who to be. She loves helping people feel empowered & in alignment with their dreams & desires.

~ Shannon Major

Shannon Major is a Certified Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner, an intuitive, and an herbal business owner. She helps individuals step into their purpose and authenticity with calm and clarity.

~ Millie Barra

Millie is an Intuitive Mom Coach, Energy Worker. She is certified in a variety of healing modalities which include The Emotion Code®/Body Code®, EFT Tapping, and Integrative Energy Alignment (IEA). Through her work, she helps women do the inner work to heal the past, navigate triggers, tame the inner chatter, and get into full alignment so they can 10x their joy in all areas of their life. She is the creator of the Aligned Mama Membership, a soul-centered community for moms to come together to do the inner work so they can stop feeling like they are surviving the days & begin feeling like they can thrive.

~ Jamie LiCausi

Jamie LiCausi, @miss_jamie_leigh is a spontaneous trailblazer who loves to channel her energy to help others feel seen, heard, supported, and empowered. Jamie has earned her Integrated Energy Alignment Certification with Emily Aarons and is in the process of becoming an Integrated Energy Alignment Coach. Additionally, Jamie is currently working on building her company, Empowered Alignment, and creating a sacred space and community for people to heal from trauma.

~ Emily Pearl

Emily Pearl is the co-owner of PearlWorth Vibe. She has over 20 years of experience in energy modalities and is an expert in Akashic Record soul research. I am dedicated to aligning intuitive with their soul’s energy so they can live in abundance with their higher purpose and achieve maximum success in their lives.

~ Carla Miller

Carla is a psychic energy coach and she helps female entrepreneurs connect into themselves and release energy blocks so they can fulfill their life purpose at their highest level and be the badass they are meant to be!


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