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Dec 20, 2022

Episode 418

Last year was a complete dismantling of my business structure to listen to my intuition and stop everything I was doing that wasn’t in alignment with my nervous system.

Though it was profitable, and on track to be my best year ever even, my business wasn’t sustainable for my energy and physical body long-term!

It also was blocking what my soul clients needed.

I had to go against the advice of highly regarded business mentors and shut everything down to heal and rebuild.

Today I’m sharing what completely trusting your intuition looks like and how clarity is what makes your message so much more potent and powerful!

I’m giving you three tips to help you energetically close out 2022 and make room for an amazing 2023.


Highlights you wouldn’t want to miss:

  • The hard decision to walk away from a thriving business model.

  • Can you have complete trust in your intuition?

  • The meditation download that shifted things immediately.

  • How clarity came through the darkest moments.

  • Your soul mate clients evolve with you and ask you to go deeper.

  • Creating a sustainable business that doesn’t lead to burnout.

  • How to stop and take inventory of your nervous system.

  • 3 Tips to energetically close out 2022 and make room for an amazing 2023.


Action Steps to Align Your Biz:

Sign up for the free Karma Cleanse! I highly encourage you to attend live if you can, otherwise, you can listen to the replay which is also energetically charged. I host this every year and every year it is powerful! It's a great way to start the new year.

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