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Nov 1, 2022

Episode 414

If you haven’t been attracting the right people, or you are feeling energetically depleted in your work, this episode is for you!

You don’t want to have to be rationing your energy or withholding yourself in your sessions with clients.

We’ve all walked into that space, that doctor’s office, a healer, or a building where you feel like the energy is heavy and something is off...

I believe it’s due to this #1 mistake that I see coaches and healers make that’s costing you time and energy.


Highlights you wouldn’t want to miss:

  • The #1 mistake coaches and healers are making!

  • Are you paying attention to the things that happen before your coaching or healing session?

  • How this mistake affects your clients.

  • When you change this it allows greater healing for your clients. It leads to better results and better energy for you.

  • It’s not about lighting sage and hoping for the best.

  • People need you now!


Action Steps to Align Your Biz:

Clear your energy, your space, and yourself every day, every session before during, and after. If you aren't sure how, be sure to check out the Integrated Energy Alignment Certification Program.

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