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Oct 11, 2022

Episode 411

For the past several months I've been noticing a few common mistakes happening that can block your intuition – ones that are easy to fix!

These mistakes aren’t just happening to people who are new to listening to their intuitive guidance, it’s happening to people experienced with this too.

To be honest, it's hard to be in the world right now, with all we've experienced over the past few years, and not have it impact your energy system and your ability to access your intuition... and if your intuition is blocked, it affects the impact you're here to make.

The good news is you can become more confident in your intuition with just a few small changes and that’s what I’m sharing with you today.


Highlights you wouldn’t want to miss:

  • [2.20] That moment when you get a strong intuitive download and then the self-sabotage creeps in.

  • [3.42] If you keep the thoughts, you won’t be able to make the impact that you’re here to make.

  • [4.03] Why you should celebrate when your ego is showing up.

  • [5.16] What hustle energy and working harder does to your intuition.

  • [8.16] No amount of looking perfect can override when your energy isn’t aligned.

  • [11.02] The trending reason for your intuition being blocked.

  • [12.33] Ways to overcome the heavy energy of the collective right now.

  • [14.22] Simple shifts you can do daily to help you free yourself of this.


Action Steps to Align Your Biz:

Take a pause. Try these simple shifts to free yourself of the heavy energy of fear and scarcity currently in the collective.

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