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Jun 18, 2019

In our 33rd episode of the Aligned & Unstoppable podcast, Emily talks with her friend Suzy Batiz. Suzy Batiz is the co-founder and CEO of Poo-Pourri and a spiritual entrepreneur. She comes to the show to talk about cognitive resonance and her time in the work environment.


Episode Highlights:


  • Suzy speaks about her childhood and how she’s become who she is.
  • Suzy talks about how she worked through her life struggles and how it influenced her.
  • Suzy considers the different methods she searched through as a way to heal herself.
  • Emily talks about how we need to constantly be shifting and ever-changing.
  • Suzy speaks on how she has struggled with the Church of Christ stigma and rigid religion.
  • Suzy talks about how she has to continuously maintain her schedule or she goes crazy.
  • Suzy and Emily consider the struggle of breaking out of old habits.
  • Suzy considers how, over time, a mentor such as Gay Hendricks helps her stay on track.
  • Suzy speaks about how she met Gay and what happened when they met.
  • Emily talks about her husband and how he is one of her most important teachers.


3 Key Points:

  1. In order to become someone new, you have to consider your past and move away from it.
  2. Maintaining a schedule is important, but knowing when to deviate from that rigid schedule is an essential skill.
  3. When you find the world stacking up against you, maybe it's time to make a change.


Tweetable Quotes:

  • "You're the witness of what's happening..." - Emily Aarons
  • “Mastery has sharp edges..." - Suzy Batiz
  • “He saw me as so much more... they see the big me." - Suzy Batiz


Resources Mentioned: